All the fun, none of the fuss!

Let Thermomix® do the hard work while you stay inspired to cook.

Try it before you buy it

Cooking is about sharing, and in that spirit we want to make sure that you get the most out of your Thermomix® experience. Before you make a purchase, book a cooking experience and we’ll come over to cook in your kitchen – to show you just how easy and fun it can be!


Step 1

Get in touch

Fill up the Booking Form. A Thermomix® Advisor will connect with you to help arrange a cooking experience.


Step 2

Try a cooking experience

Witness firsthand how the Thermomix® works. You can order from your consultant after the cooking experience.


Step 3

Take your Thermomix® home

Once you have placed your order to our consultant, we will deliver the Thermomix® to your house and you will cook under our guidance.

Live the Experience

Hosting is fun! Book a cooking experience to truly understand its power and value. One of our expert Advisors will cook for you and your guests while you relax and experience the wonder of Thermomix®.

What is a demo?


Design your experience


How to prep


Host & win


What is a demo?

Enjoy an interactive cooking experience with our Advisors using a Thermomix®.

Invite your friends to enjoy a Thermomix® cooked meal and learn how easy it can be!


The most flexible Payment plans

Option 1


One time payment

Get the best value by purchasing Thermomix® with one time payment. Pay via visa, via bank transfer or via our e-shop.


Option 2

Finance plan

SEPA or Visa

Downpayment: €60 via cheque +Instalments: 6 instalments x €230 via post dated cheques Total: €1,440 * TM6 is delivered after the downpayment + 1st instalment (€60 + €230 = €290)


Option 3

Finance Plan

SEPA or Visa

Downpayment: €160 via SEPA or Visa +Instalments: 14 instalments x €97 via SEPA or Visa Total: €1,518 * TM6 is delivered after the downpayment + 1st instalment (€160 + €97 = €257)

And plenty of extra benefits

Country Warranty

All Thermomix® parts and accessories are manufactured to the highest Vorwerk standards. In the unlikely event of a defect, please see your warranty details. Check your purchase contract to see the validity period of your Thermomix®.

Personalized Support

Our Advisors offer personalised support to all our customers and are available at any time with a simple phonecall. Share with them your ideas, recipes or concerns and take advantage of their personal experience, receiving answers to your queries even outside work hours!

Trained Technicians

The company’s technical department has been offering the best possible support for more than 30 years in order to make sure any technical issues are resolved quickly and permanently. For repairs, contact one of our customer service centres in Nicosia, Limassol and Larnaca.

Cooking Events

Within the scope of the Thermomix® “experience” we offer various cooking events – hands-on cooking classes, cooking seminars (often under the care of wellknown chefs) etc. The Basic Cooking Class is free for all our customers.

Need more reasons to try a Cooking Experience?