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Thermomix® TM6:
Because cooking is all about enjoyment


Use the Thermomix® for browning meat, roasting vegetables or making sensational caramel creations.

Sous Vide

Become an expert at braising meat and fish using the new sous vide function.


Have some leftovers in the fridge? Reheat sauces, soups, baby food, milk and more in no time for maximum cooking efficiency.

Slow Cooking

Use the slow cooking function to create succulent pulled pork dishes for your next barbecue.

Egg boiler

Boil your eggs to exactly the right consistency every time without having to set the temperature or cooking time.


Successfully prepare delicious sauces, like Hollandaise and Béarnaise with minimum effort.

Magic. Side-by-side.

Thermomix Friend® – coming soon

Get ready to welcome a brand-new companion for your Thermomix® to your kitchen: Thermomix Friend®! Sleek and smart in a compact package, it’s designed to make your cooking experience even more fulfilling. Use Thermomix Friend® alongside your trusty Thermomix® for less prep time and more yummy time. You’ll also build up your repertoire of delicious Thermomix® recipes!

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TM6 Image
TM6 Image

An eye-catching new update

Creating mouth-watering culinary delights with your TM6 just got even more interactive! The latest update from Thermomix® comes with two new video features:

• Inspirational Videos

Previously only available on Cookidoo® via the app or the website this new feature is now available directly on your TM6. Need some kitchen inspiration? Look no further: our videos will help you find your creativity.

• Motion guide in recipes

Thermomix® has launched a revolutionary new feature – step-by-step video guides within recipes. After you select one of the video-enabled recipes from the extensive Cookidoo® recipe library, it will guide you through the cooking process, providing instructions on complicated steps which you can watch on the TM6’s built-in quality display. The videos are so simple to follow that they don’t require any audio instructions, and you can play, pause or stop them at any time. They will also remain on the current step until your Thermomix® has finished preparing the ingredients, so you don’t have to worry about catching up or rewinding.

The videos are streamed online, which means there’s no need for any storage space on your TM6, and they are exclusive to your Thermomix® device (you don’t need to boot up your iPad, PC or smartphone or download an app to view them). Try the new video feature on your TM6 today and transform your kitchen into a revolutionary cooking experience!


Thermomix® takes care of the chopping, mixing and cooking so that you have more time for family and friends.


Smart at heart – packed with innovative technology, the new Thermomix® makes it easier than ever to prepare delicious dishes.


Discover new ideas and mouth-watering recipes every day in the world’s largest cookbook.


Thermomix® guides you through each recipe step by step, guaranteeing great results every time you cook.


Unleash your creativity in the kitchen – with over 20 different functions including browning, slow cooking and fermenting.

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As customers of our company, you are our best brand ambassadors and this is why we have decided to create Eminentia Exclusive Club, with the purpose of recognising and rewarding your cooperation with us.

Through your participation in Eminentia Exclusive Club, you are able to collect points that you can then redeem by choosing a product from a wide range of Thermomix and Kobold products.

There are three ways to collect points:

• 35 points – Collected by every existing customer who purchases another Thermomix or Kobold

• 30 points – Collected through referring a new person who will then purchase a Thermomix or a Kobold

• 10 points – Collected through hosting a Thermomix cooking experience or a Kobold bio-cleaning demonstration at your home

Points are credited after the delivery of the products and are valid for 2 years.

Your participation in Eminentia Exclusive Club as well as the process of collecting points will be automatically activated with your first successful referral, cooking experience or Kobold bio-cleaning demo.

You can redeem your collected points on products through our e-shop: or via telephone at (+357) 22667242, giving the customer service representative the relevant information.

You will be informed periodically of the balance of your points via e-mail or SMS and you will receive a number/voucher that you can use in order to redeem your points if you decide to.

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